Azerbaijan military helicopter crashes during training, 14 dead

A Azerbaijani military helicopter crashed on Tuesday during a training flight, killing 14 crew members and injuring two more, the South Caucasus country’s state border service said.

The media reports said a military helicopter belonging to the Azerbaijani State Border Service (SBS) crashed on Tuesday morning while performing training flights in the Garaheybat airspace in the Khizi region near Azerbaijan’s capital Baku.

As a result of the accident, many people lost their lives and several were injured, SBS said.

According to several media outlets that cited the RIA news agency’s report, some 14 people died during the incident and two more were wounded.

“Today, at around 10:40 a.m. GMT, a military helicopter belonging to the State Border Service crashed during training flights in the Khizi region,” the statement read.

The SBS Command and the Attorney General’s Office are at the scene. A joint investigation is underway regarding the incident.