Ayodhya Case: Supreme Court Asks If There Was Any Dispute Over Jesus’s Birthplace

The Supreme Court who is conducting day-to-day hearings on the Ayodhya case today asked if there is any proof of Lord Ram’s birth at the disputed site. Lawyer, K Prasaran said, “How can we prove after so many centuries that Lord Ram took birth at the place? It is the faith. Faith itself is evidence.”

“The place, Ramjanambhumi, or the Asthan, has become a personification of the deity. It has by itself become an object of worship for the Hindus,” Prasaran added.

The court went on to ask Prasaran if there were questions about the exact birthplace of any religious figure which has ever arisen in any court.

“Were issues like birth of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem have been questioned and dealt with by any court in the world?” the  five-judge bench asked Prasaran. The senior advocate said that he will check on that and revert.

The top court also asked the Nirmohi Akhada, who is one of the claimants of the disputed land to prove that the land belongs to them.

“Prepare a chart of evidence end show the documentary evidence that the land belonged to you,” the bench led by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said.

This was the second day of the day-to day hearing in the top court. The decade old case would be has been taken up by the Supreme Court after mediation by a three-member panel failed to resolve the land dispute.

The dispute involves 2.77 acres of land in Ayodhya, where a 16th Century mosque built by Mughal emperor Babur once stood. In December 1992, it was razed by Hindu activists who believe that the mosque was built on the ruins of a temple that marked the birthplace of Lord Ram. In the days that followed, 2,000 people died in riots across the country.

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