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Awkward Tim Cook responds to Indian student’s “How are you, Tim Apple?” question

A Delhi student Palash Taneja got a great opportunity to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with 13 global students. When it was Taneja’s turn to ask Tim Cook a question, he asked : How are you, Tim Apple?

On hearing the question the entire floor burst into laughter, and then Tim said, “Yes, I am good and aware of what you mean to convey.”

US President Donald Trump absent-mindedly had addressed Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” at a conference in March. The Apple CEO later changed his Twitter name to “Tim Apple” replacing his surname with the company logo, which went viral on social media.

Tim  Cook met bright young coders from across the globe, and Palash was the only one from India.

Palash, 18, who recently finished school and is on a gap year ahead of moving to the University of Texas at Austin, showcased a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based project to Cook.

Speaking with IANS Plash said, “I showed him my project where the neural language processing (NLP) based algorithms can change the language of a YouTube video as you watch it, say from English to Hindi.”

The young coder is working towards breaking the language barrier. “My algorithms can translate nearly 50 languages on the go. The idea is to make rich and useful content accessible to all,” he added.

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