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Australian YouTuber rescuing flipped sea turtle receives praise on Reddit

A video of family and friends chilling by the beach when they witness a sea turtle struggling on the hot sand is going viral (again) for all the right reasons.

Originally uploaded by Aussie adventure YouTuber Brodie Moss aka Youngbloods — popular for his fishing and diving videos — back in 2018, the resurfaced video shows Moss and his buddy providing a helping hand to an upturned hard-shell turtle by digging the sand around it.

Moss along with his friend successfully flip the reptile getting cooked in the sun and guide it to the sea, where its eager family awaits to join them.

The old yet wholesome video was dug up by user u/Sean8162 and shared on Reddit’s r/MadeMeSmile, where it was upvoted nearly 50K times.

Redditors couldn’t help but smile at seeing the turtle safely swimming back to its folks.

“The other turtle was in the water waiting for this one!”

“In all of the turtle rescue videos ive seen theres always a turtle waiting for their friend to be rescued (sic).”

“I love this! And doing it in front of a little one who can learn compassion and action from them. Wonderful!”

“He even put him down gently at the end of the flipping!”

Bros saving an upturned turtle from MadeMeSmile

Glad that he was there at the right place and the right time, Moss captioned the rescue video in 2018: “right place at the right time 💚 thankful for the opportunity to help this old girl, she was all out of luck pinned down and cooking in the sun 🐢 with the help of my family and friends.” Moss believed the turtle may have tipped over by high winds.