Australian student offers $20 to kill cockroach in his room

A 24-year-old Brisbane student, Bhargav Chavda, reached home at around 10 pm on Monday. As he went to his fridge to grab something to eat, he spotted a cockroach.

“I went to the kitchen to grab my food and I see something flying front of me to the side and to the back, and I realised it was a cockroach,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

Bhargav took to classified website Gumtree to post an ad online to hire someone to kill the cockroach.

He mentioned, “Need Roach dead right now. Will play $20 cash for the task. Location somewhere in the open in living room/kitchen. Bring spray etc if needed, I only have thongs, cloth, broom. Please respond asap, hungry af.”

While he received several responses, no one took him too seriously. The boy was disheartened at the reaction and decided to finally muster enough courage to grab his food.

“Unfortunately I don’t know what is wrong with the world. People are responding ‘this is funny’ or ‘you just made my day’,” he told the daily.

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