Australian pub bans emus for being unruly and stealing food from guests

An Australian pub has banned two local emus from entering the establishment after they walked into a bar. The Yaraka Hotel in Central Queensland cited “bad behaviour” as the reason.

According to Nine News, the town has an official population of just 12 people, and all the residents share a certain fondness for the two large, flightless birds that have become its unofficial mascots.

The emus were hatched from a clutch of abandoned emu about 18 months ago. While some grew adventurous and left town, two emus – named Kevin and Carol – stuck around and became beloved pets of Yaraka.

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“They’re very friendly, very amusing, and everyone enjoys them,” said Chris Gimblett, owner of The Yaraka Hotel.

The hotel, however, was forced to ban Kevin and Carol after they became too unruly and “smelly”. They also started stealing food from guests, going so far as to peck morsels straight off their plates.

The Yaraka Hotel has now installed a rope barrier at the entrance to keep Kevin and Carol (who is actually a male emu) outside. A sign requests customers to reconnect the rope after entering because “emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior.”

Emus are the second-largest living bird by height, endemic to Australia. They are known to be inquisitive and often approach humans.