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Australian newspaper adds extra pages to help out in toilet paper crisis

Coronavirus has triggered an unprecedented panic among people and it has also created shortage for products like hand sanitiser, toilet rolls and sanitising wipes.

In fact, hashtags like #ToiletPaperEmergency or #ToiletPaperApocalypse have been trending online. In countries like Australia, it has also become a reality.

The situation has become such that an Australian newspaper, The NT News, printed extra pages in its editions to help people cope with the panic. Yes, this is real.

The Twitter handle of the newspaper posted a video with the caption, “Yes, we actually did it #toiletpapercrisis.”

The newspaper printed a special eight-page insert in the new edition which could be easily cut into toilet paper. The move comes after many Australian companies that manufacture toilet papers, started ordering extra stocks because customers cleared out shelves of toilet rolls and sanitisers.

Some found it hilarious, while some were thankful for the gesture in the time of need.