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Australian man who went missing survived on mushrooms for 18 days

A man who went missing survived on mushrooms and dam water for 18 days after he got lost in Australia.

58-year-old, Robert Weber, ran into car trouble and got stuck in dirt on a farm road in the Australian state of Queensland.

Mr Weber spent three days in the car before running out of water and setting off on foot. He then became lost but remained near a dam where he survived by “sleeping on the ground, drinking dam water and eating mushrooms”, police said.

Before being found, Mr Weber had last been seen leaving a hotel in the town of Kilkivan with his dog on 6 January.

An extensive air and ground search was suspended after failing to find him, but local property owners and police were told to keep an eye out.

Police said he had been found near a dam on Sunday by a “property owner”, who has been identified in Australian media as a local politician, MP Tony Perrett.

Mr Weber was “suffering exposure to the elements” but otherwise safe and well, police said.

“He was sitting under a tree near a dam waving at us,” Mr Perrett told ABC.

“We’d been past this dam on numerous occasions over the last week and when we saw him there it was just quite extraordinary,” he added.

Mr Weber’s dog has not been found.