Australian brewery banned from advertising Chocolate beer after child mistook it as Chocolate milk

An Australian brewery has been banned from promoting one of its beers, after a minor mistook it for a popular chocolate milk.

The beer in question is produced by the Howler Brewing Company. It looks like “Milo” a powdered Nestlé product popular in Australia and South-East Asia as either the basis of a hot chocolate or a way for kids to turn a glass of cold milk into a beverage.

Howler’s Choc Milk beer imitated Milo’s packaging.

That packaging decision, as explained by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR), led to “a complaint from a concerned parent after their child thought the can of Choc Milk beer in the fridge was a can of Nestle’s chocolate milk product, Milo”.

The Commission has therefore “banned the advertising or promotion of the product” until Howler changes its packaging.

“The way liquor is promoted or advertised can encourage irresponsible consumption which in turn can contribute to anti-social behavior and alcohol related violence and disorder.

“Those under 18 are at the highest risk in relation to alcohol-related injuries including road trauma and violence. We will do all we can in our power to ensure alcoholic products that are for sale, are advertised or promoted within the law and do not encourage interest by minors”.

The company faces a fine of $20,000 if it does not comply.