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Australia: Veterinary doctor has license taken away for injecting friends, herself with horse tranquilizer

An Australian veterinary doctor has made it to the headlines for giving her friends and herself an injection that’s meant for horses.

The lady reportedly administered herself and her friends a horse tranquilliser.

Western Australia’s Catherine McGuigan is a veterinarian. She used to work in Murray Veterinary Services but she was fired from her job. Catherine and her friends one day planned to take drugs and get high. For this, she brought a bottle of an injection named Ketamine from her hospital.

Ketamine is a tranquilliser, which is used on horses and other big animals to calm them down. If and when injected in humans, it has the same effect as drugs.

According to reports the mind goes completely numb, and the person goes calm. In a way, it works like anaesthesia for animals. There is a rule in Australia to keep these drugs locked. It is not sold in the open market.

In October this year, Catherine and her friends were using cocaine together when the lady brought the bottle of ketamine from her car. She injected her friends with the drugs and asked them not to tell anyone about this.

Catherine had the right to keep ketamine with her since she was a veterinary doctor. But she was not supposed to use it on humans.

Now, an inquiry committee related to the medical department has imposed a fine of more than AUD$ 3,750. Her doctor’s license has also been taken away which means she can’t practice medicine from now on.