At least five killed in a string of explosions in Afghan capital Kabul

Three explosions rocked Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday killing at least five people and injuring two others.

Kabul police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz said the first two explosions took place 15 minutes apart and a third targeting a police vehicle occurred two hours later.

No group has immediately claimed responsibility. Kabul police said investigations were underway.

The majority of attacks in the capital in recent months have been sticky bombs – explosive devices with magnets that are attached to vehicles and detonated by remote control or timer.

The first blast targeted a civilian car and wounded both travellers inside the vehicle.

The second explosion targeted a car in a northwestern Kabul neighbourhood in which national army soldiers were travelling, killing two soldiers. A civilian passer-by was also killed.

The third explosion destroyed a police car in western Kabul, killing two police officers.

Afghanistan has seen a nationwide spike in sticky bombings, targeted-killings and intensification of war around the country as peace talks between Afghan and Taliban negotiating members have stalled.

The Afghan government put the blame on the Taliban for the recent waves of attacks, but the group has all the time denied responsibility for most of the attacks.