At least 5,000 people attend illegal party at Arizona national forest

At least 5,000 people attended an unauthorised event at Tonto National Forest near Phoenix on Saturday, leading to multiple violations and one person being emergency evacuated.

Forest protection officers were patrolling near the Lower Sycamore Creek Recreation Area when they discovered thousands of people who were illegally gathered, the U.S. Forest Service wrote in a Facebook post.

The event resulted in multiple violations, including DUIs, speeding and reckless vehicle operation, blocking roadways, and illegal use of fireworks.

“Campers and partiers restricted access by taping off sections of the main road to designate their camping area and vehicles were parked all along the main roads. Two quads colliding — one person was medevac’d out by helicopter due to the restrictions caused by the partiers,” forest service officials said.

There were reports of seven vehicle accidents and several stolen off-highway motor vehicles, authorities said.

According to the agency, a permit is required for non-commercial groups of 75 or more to use or occupy forest service land.

Authorities asked the public to report all unauthorized events. “Don’t be a part of the problem,” the Facebook post said. “Report these illegal Facebook meet up events to our district offices.”

Tonto National Forest is the seventh-largest national forest in the United States with more than 2.9 million acres.