At least 50 Boeing 737 NG aircrafts grounded due to cracking

Boeing faces a fresh safety concerns on Thursday, the firm admitted after finding cracks in at least 50 of its popular Boeing 737 NG planes following worldwide inspections.

The cracks were found in the “pickle fork” – a section of the plane where the fuselage binds with the wing.
Last month the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) ordered inspection checks of Boeing 737 NG planes that had taken off and landed more than 30,000 times.

The company spokesperson said 1,000 planes worldwide had “reached the inspection threshold”, with less than five percent or up to 50 jets having cracks.

These planes would be grounded until repaired.

This new crisis comes amidst the problems with the MAX’s flight handling software that crashed two 737 MAX planes grounding its entire fleet worldwide.

Australian airline Qantas who operates 33 Boeing 737 NG planes said on Thursday it found fault in a more lightly used aircraft, one that had recorded fewer than 27,000 flights.

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association, an aviation union, called for Qantas to ground its entire 737 NG fleet.

US carrier Southwest Airlines recently discovered a crack in one of its 737 NG planes.

Repairing the cracks of the aircrafts would cost an estimated $275,000 per aircraft.