At least 2 killed after overnight fire destroys 35 houseboats at Alabama

At least two people died and more are missing after an overnight fire destroyed a dock of about 35 boats in Jackson County Park in Alabama, the Scottsboro Fire Department said.

Two bodies have been recovered from the water, according to Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Six or seven people remain unaccounted for, Harnen added.

Most of the boats at the dock were houseboats.

Harnen said it was a “total destruction” of about 35 boats, which were at the covered boat dock.

“The dock is collapsed, (and) we can’t get to all the boats right now,” Harnen said. “We have a list of residents here and we are trying to confirm whereabouts of everyone.”

Seven people were rescued from the water and taken to the hospital for burns and potential hypothermia, Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Mecklaus told WHNT. Each of the seven had jumped off a boat or off a dock into the water, and all are in stable condition, he said.

Agencies from across the state are responding, including Scottsboro Police, Jackson County and the State Fire Marshal.

Harnen said divers will search in the water soon on Monday morning. Several boats drifted away from the dock while on fire and then submerged.

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