Asteroid larger than size of the Statue of Liberty flew past Earth

An Apollo asteroid dubbed 2020 PM7 larger than the size of the Statue of Liberty flew past Earth on September 29.

The asteroid is travelling at a speed of 8.32 km/s and its diameter could be anywhere between 89 metres to 200 metres which means it could have a 650 feet diameter.

Although the speed of the asteroid is fast, it did not hit the earth as it is an apollo asteroid, the ones which cross the Earth and have an orbital semi-major axis greater than that of the Earth.

On its Asteroid Watch Widget, NASA had revealed that the size of this asteroid to be larger than the Statue of Liberty in the USA.

Asteroid Watch said three rock objects approached Earth on September 30 — one was around 130 feet in height, as large as an aeroplane, while another was 64 feet, can be compared to a house. The third one which was 38 feet will be the smallest one of the three and can be compared to the size of a bus.

On 1st October five rocks – 20 feet and 33feet compared to a bus, 49 feet compared to a house, 230 feet compared to an aeroplane and 19 feet compared to a car would approach Earth.