Assam Floods: 59 dead, millions displaced as floods hit 28 off 33 total districts

Massive floods in the eastern state of Assam in India has killed at least 59 people and displaced over 3 million people. Off the 33 districts in Assam 28 are reportedly flooded.

Barpeta, is worst hit district where at least 550,000 people were affected by flooding.

The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) in a report said 3,371 villages were under currently underwater and the floodwaters submerged 1.28 lakh hectares of agricultural land.

The state has set up at least 517 relief camps.

The water levels of all major rivers are flowing above danger level mark in many places of the state.

The water level of Brahmaputra river is flowing above the danger level in most districts that it passes through.

The floods have affected 2.1 million domesticated animals.

Kaziranga National Park:

The Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO  World Heritage site known for he world’s largest population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses reported deaths of 51 wild animals.

According to the officials, 45 hog deer, three wild boars and one rhino, one wild buffalo and a swamp deer perished in the floodwater. At least 86 other hog deer were rescued. ASDMA said 95 percent of the national park’s 430 sq km area was now flooded.

The floods forced tigers and rhinos had strayed into the nearby villages.

Each year, the monsoon floods inundate the National Park forcing a large number of the wild animals to leave the park and head towards the nearby hills along the park boundary.