Army Called To Fix Rome’s Potholes

Italy has come up with a bizarre solution to deal with its potholes woes– bring in the army.

The idea was put forward by Francesco Silvestri an MP from the Five Star Movement, who is part of the right winged government.

The proposal requires the army who would be given the task of repairing around 125 miles of road in and around the capital Rome at a budget of €240 million.

MP Francesco Silvestri thinks that his idea would be revolution for the city. The proposal will be discussed by Italy parliament.

The mayor of Rome was ciritsed and mocked by the media for failing to maintain the cities roads. The deep potholes and long stretches of bumpy roads, made it dangerous for motorists and motorcyclists. Romans have encircled the potholes with yellow and orange spray paint to get the attention of the civic administration.

The opposition and the  former chief of defence force General Vincenzo Camporini said “Filling in potholes had nothing to do with the army’s mission and was beneath its dignity. Its first priority was to defend the country, followed by a duty to help in emergency situations and natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Deploying the army as free manual labour was unacceptable”.