Argentina: Piranhas chew off 13-year-old girl’s toe in Parana River in Santa Fe

A 13-year-old girl had her toe chewed off after she came under attack from piranhas while she was sitting near the bank with her legs inside the Parana River in Santa Fe in South America’s Argentina.

According to a Daily Star report, 30 other people, who were cooling down in the river, were also left injured in the incident.

The girl was soon admitted to the hospital for an emergency skin graft operation. In the attack, many swimmers were bitten on their ankles, fingers, and hands by the fish including more than 20 children.

A young boy suffered an open fracture in his hand and a seven-year-old girl lost part of her finger.

Speaking to the local media house, Union Representative for Lifeguards Sergio Berardi explained that the fish often attacks visitors in this area due to the high temperatures and low water levels.

Confirming the incident, Berardi said, “The 13-year-old girl had lost her toe in the attack.”

Berardi further explained that whenever lifeguards in the area spot one or two incidents, they immediately ask people to step out of the water. And, when the incident occurred, all the lifeguards on duty rushed off to deal with the situation.

Swimmers, cooling down in the river, raced out shouting for help and bleeding from wounds on their hands and legs. The parents with their children rushed to safety.

On-duty coastguards called paramedics to assist seriously injured people. The attack is considered the most dangerous in the city since 2008. In the 2008 attack, 40 swimmers were injured.