April Fools Day: McDonald’s Launches “McPickle” Burger

McDonalds played a prank for April Fool’s Day, and it left fans disappointed.

The fast food chain announced that it was ready to release a new burger, “The McPickle”.

Some fans were disappointed that it was an April Fools’ Day prank, but others are just glad it wasn’t true.

The company’s Australian social media accounts posted a short video of the new burger, a Big Mac style but with piles of gherkins instead of meat.

The caption read:

“Pickle lovers, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for.

We’re super stoked to announce the launch of our brand new McPickle Burger.

It’s time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seed buns.

It’s sure to be a treat for all your senses.”

The McPickle

Fans were really excited about the new addition to the burger lineup and couldn’t wait to try it.

One user replied, “I’m going to order 1000.”

Another user replied, “I cannot wait to get one.”

McDonald’s later commented: “Available until yesterday” and people started to clock something wasn’t quite right.

One wrote: “Oh s*** it’s April 1st…”

Another commented: “Omfg if this is april fools joke imma be mad.”

A fan added: “Cruel this isn’t real.”

Others demanded McDonald’s actually add it to their menu, with one writing “Make it real” and another adding “I really wish this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke”.