Apple takes on playstation and xbox with Apple Arcade

Apple announced a video game service and gave us a preview of Apple Arcade at the launch at an event on Monday.

Apple Arcade, the name is actually is descriptive because the service is basically a whole section of games built just for Apple devices and only available on Apple devices.

Apple Arcade will become a new section of within the App Store, and for a fee, you’ll get access to over 100 exclusive titles made by some of the gaming studios.

The company also announced that Apple Arcade will have all the games working offline, so you can play on a plane or the subway. The games will work on all Apple platforms, such as the iPhone, iPads, iMac, Apple Macbooks and Apple TV. You can start playing on an iPhone and then pick up where you left off with an Apple TV device.

Apple added that the games in Apple Arcade would be ad-free and won’t have any in-app purchases.

The makers however failed to reveal the costs. Apple says the service will go live this fall. The company added that there would be family sharing plans that can accommodate up to six people.