Apple Sued Over Faulty iPad Battery

Apple was sued for providing faulty battery in an iPad that caught fire ultimately killing Bradley Ireland in 2017.

The iPad was in the kitchen when it caught fire, this led to severe injuries and the subsequent death of Ireland. The family have sued the Apple over his death.

The lawsuit says that the fire was caused by “a defect” affecting the battery pack of the iPad, allowing for blame to be pinned on Apple directly. The suit alleges, –

“The subject tablet was unreasonably dangerous and unsafe for its intended purpose by reasons of defects in its design and/or its manufacture and/or a lack of adequate warnings which existed when Defendant Apple placed the subject tablet into the stream of commerce and/or when Defendant distributed and/or sold ‘updates’ to the subject tablet.”

The suit does not have specific figures, but it does mention  compensatory damages, interest, costs, and attorney fees from Apple.

Battery related explosions are quite common for apple, considering the amount and scale of their operations. Apple has failed to keep cent percent quality for all their devices that they ship throughout the world.

In this case design flaws interfered with normal battery operations.

Suppose if there was a design flaw in the battery we would have seen more number of cases like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga, that recalled the entire product line.