Apple CEO Takes Home Record Bonus

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook received a record payout of US$ 136 million for the fiscal year ending September 29th 2018.

Cook took home US$ 12 million as bonus, apart from US$ 3 million salary. He got a whopping US$ 121 million as reward for his 10 year stock. This takes his total earnings for fiscal 2018 to US$ 136 million.

{this is approximately INR₹ 9,57,23,60,000 ~ INR ₹975.236 crore}

Apart from all this CEO Tim Cook received perks of about US$ 682,000, making it the highest bonus for Cook.

Apple showed very good numbers for 2018, even though with flattened sales for the iPhone. The company jacked up the price of the iPhone by 50% last year, to around US$ 1,000 each unit.

The company earned US$ 265.6 billion dollars in revenue last year, their net income also scaled 24% when compared to 2017.

In the month of August, the company crossed a US$ 1 trillion market cap milestone.

Apple’s expects a bad quarter 1 for 2019, after poor sales forecast for China. Apple’s shares have plunged more than 30%  since November 1st, and it lost US$ 400 billion in market value.

Due to declining sales, apple has now turned it attention towards services. It expects the the service to account for 60% of revenues in the next five years compared to today’s 20%.

Apple earns about US$ 30 dollars from each of its active 1.4 billion iPhones.