Another Brexit defeat for Theresa May

Theresa May lost another crucial vote in the House of Commons in relation to the Brexit proceedings today. The Britain government needs to let parliament know plans on what PM May would do if the brexit bill fails to pass.

This could open doors for alternates, like a second referendum. Today, the government lost by 11 votes 297 MPs voting with them and 308 against.

The Brexit deal with EU will be voted in the British parliament next tuesday, 15th January 2019.

MPs have began discussing the withdrawal agreement that May has got again, on what’s probably called “The best deal”. The prime minister cancelled a vote on her deal last month at the last minute to avoid a humiliating defeat.

PM May hopes that the new proposals on the Northern Ireland will change MPs minds to vote in favour of the deal. Under this plan, the Northern Ireland Assembly would be given a say on new EU rules if the controversial border backstop comes into force after Brexit.

However this move has failed to please MP’s from Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister is still to talk on the relations between UK and EU after Brexit in parliament.

There is a possibility of a no confidence motion against May’s government if her Brexit deals fails the vote next week.