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Angry spouse throws iMac out of the window killing a pigeon in the process

A Brooklyn bystander claims they witnessed an “angry spouse” in Bushwick throw an iMac out of a window, killing a pigeon in the process.

The frankly ridiculous story was reported by Twitter’s Human Mel Friday who stated: “Walking in bushwick and someone’s angry spouse just threw this mac out the window, killing a pigeon on the way down.”

The picture certainly shows one of Apple’s larger 27-inch iMacs from back in the day missing its distinctive black bezels and sitting atop a deceased pigeon on the side of the road.

The picture also shows an older flat-screen TV, however, it is unclear if this piece of tech was also defenestrated during the dispute, or whether it has been deliberately placed there for disposal.

Apple’s iMac has been a stalwart of the company’s desktop lineup for many years, receiving a design overhaul that shifted it away from the chunky form factor to a slimmed-down version.

Last year, the company launched its first-ever Apple silicon iMac to great acclaim featuring not only Apple silicon but also a slew of awesome colors and a distinctive new thin design.