Angry Siddaramaiah Loses Cool

A video of former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah abusing a woman has gone viral. The video shows an angry Siddaramaiah snatch a microphone from a woman while dislodging her dupatta (cloth worn around the shoulders).

The woman in green had questioned the absence of lawmakers from the constituency, Varuna. Coincidently  Siddaramaiah’s son Yathindra is the representative from this constituency. The young lady’s question was, “We only met him at election time.”

Mr. Siddaramaiah seem to not like her question snatcher the mic away from her, and verbally abused her. He later called the incident an ‘accident’ he says, “I know that woman for more than 15 years now and she is like my sister.”

The lady was identified as Jamala, she is also a party worker. This is what she said after the incident, “He was the best Chief Minister. I only told him about some grievances and spoke roughly. I shouldn’t have spoken like that to a former a CM. He got angry because I slammed the table.”

The ruling Congress-JDS alliance is already under serious pressure after the Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy offered to step down as CM as the Congress lawmakers still consider Siddaramaiah as Chief Minister.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion– Our politicians appear during elections and disappear otherwise. The lady posed a very valid question here and instead of apologising the man has gone to justify and clarify his actions which is even more bizarre.)