Angela Merkel: German chancellor gets Moderna as second jab after AstraZeneca first dose

German leader Angela Merkel has mixed and matched her Covid jabs.

The 66-year-old Chancellor had the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in April, soon after Germany recommended it only for people aged 60 and over.

On Tuesday her spokesman said she had the Moderna jab ‘a few days ago’.

Germany now practises ‘vaccine crossing’ which allows people to have a cutting-edge mRNA shot, such as Moderna’s, as a second dose if their first was an AstraZeneca jab.

Trials are underway to see if there are benefits or downsides to mixing.

A German study suggested mixing could boost the immune system but said more research was needed.

Germany’s jab rollout has accelerated sharply, with 51 percent of adults having had a first dose.

As was the case in April, Mrs Merkel was not pictured rolling her sleeves up to get the injection like some other world leaders.

Merkel is stepping down this year after 16 years in power.

In 2019, she sparked concerns for her health with a series of shaking spells in public but has appeared to be in good condition since then.