Andhra Pradesh deploys 2.5 lakh volunteers to conduct door-to-door coronavirus screening

The Andhra Pradesh government has deployed over 2.5 lakh volunteers with the responsibility of screening 50 households each.

A total of 1,38,58,747 households have already been screened by the volunteer network out of the registered 1,43,91,654 households in the state.

The findings of these volunteers are being directly monitored by the district health authorities and primary health care centres.

Depending on the need of the specific case, health teams are being rushed to the spot and appropriate action is being taken.

Apart from tracking the foreign returnees, the volunteers are also responsible for spreading awareness about the dos and don’ts to each member of these households.

The government aims to reach every household in the state with this extensive campaign. The Jagan government is also planning to look at those without a recent travel history. Anybody who is symptomatic will be identified and reported.

With this campaign, the government is aiming at finding out all who haven’t shared their travel details with the government and are intentionally hiding their travel history.

Andhra Pradesh has recorded 7 coronavirus cases. Overall, India has reported 433 cases and 7 deaths.