Amit Shah Claims 250 Terrorists Killed In Balakot Air Strikes

The Government of India and it’s armed forces are yet to announce the official figures of the terrorists killed in the Air Strikes in Balakot last week, however the BJP President claims that “more than 250” terrorists were killed.

This makes him the first leader in the ruling party to put out such numbers.

At a public meeting in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad Shah said, “After Uri, our forces went into Pakistan and carried out surgical strikes. They avenged the death of our soldiers. After Pulwama, everyone thought there could be no surgical strikes, what will happen? But under Modi’s leadership, the government carried out an air strike after the 13th day and killed more than 250 terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the opposition parties like the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and SP leader Akhilesh Yadav asked for details on the air strike and the impact following skeptical reports from the world media.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion

Firstly, it’s the Indian Air force that conducted the air strikes, and they are not the personal property of the BJP. So the credit and praise goes to the Indian Air Force and none other.

Secondly, Why are they using our neutral armed forces for political gains? Does the BJP president Amit Shah believe that bringing army in is the only way to gain votes? Does he believe that the government’s policies and schemes in the last 4 years won’t get him back to power?

Thirdly, the government nor the Indian Air Force have released any official figures of the number of terrorists killed in the air strikes. So why is BJP national president is peddling fake figures and news?

Fourthly, what’s wrong if you demand the establishment to prove the airstrikes? It’s not that people don’t believe our forces claims, proof just backs them up. And mind you there is enough uncertainty of the air strikes in the international media, so there will be questions.)