American couple suspected of Coronavirus escape hospital

An American couple who had symptoms linked to coronavirus were traced to Kochi international airport and put under isolation after they fled the Alappuzha Medical College.

The couple, US citizens who live in London, reached Kochi on March 9 and stayed at a resort in Varkala. Their flight was from London to Doha and then Kochi. The couple also used private taxis to commute.

However, when they developed symptoms of viral, they arrived at the hospital. The couple was told they would have to undergo a test for coronavirus but they managed to give the staff the slip.

They were finally traced to the airport and have now been put under isolation.

Meanwhile, India declared the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country a “notified disaster”, in a move it called “a special one-time dispensation”, in order to provide compensation and aid to infected people and the families of those who killed by the virus.

India has reported 86 confirmed cases and two deaths.