Amazon faces backlash for selling products with Tricolor and Hindu Gods

World’s largest online retailer received a major backlash in India for it’s toilet seat covers and other items with images of Hindu gods that were spotted on the US retailer’s website, making #BoycottAmazon the country’s top trending topic on Twitter on Thursday.

Thousands of users took to social media websites to urging for a boycott.

Amazon remained mum on the entire episode. Users also looped in external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to take action against the US company.

The company’s US webpage had  several listings of toilet seat covers, yoga mats, sneakers, rugs and other items depicting Hindu gods, or sacred Hindu symbols a reuters investigation concluded. Some of the items were no longer available suggesting that Amazon were withdrawing them.

Below are a few tweets:-

This is somewhat a repeat episode after an incident in 2017, that time Indian government threatened to rescind visas of Amazon employees if the doormats with Indian flag prints were not removed from its site.

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