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Amazon delays office return for corporate staff until next year as Delta variant surges infections

Amazon has asked it’s US corporate employees to return to the office until next year as Covid continues to spread.

The online shopping giant previously asked staff to work from home until 7 September, but will now extend this until 3 January 2022.

It comes as new Covid infections surge across America, with daily cases at an average not seen in months.

“As we continue to closely watch local conditions related to Covid-19, we are adjusting our guidance for corporate employees,” said Amazon.

The online shopping giant’s policy will apply to corporate and tech employees, but not the warehouse and delivery workers who make up the bulk of its workforce.

Separately, banking giant Wells Fargo said it was delaying its return to the office from 7 September, to 4 October.

The lender, which has almost 260,000 employees, said it would also give staff eight hours of paid time off to enable them to get vaccinated.

Investment giant Blackrock is postponing the date it expects all staff to be back in the office by a month to 1 October.

Meanwhile Google, Facebook and Twitter have all also said it would delay office return.

The contagious Delta variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the US, with states such as Florida and Texas seeing high levels of new infections.

Walmart and Uber have asked it’s management, not front line staff, to get vaccinated. Investment giant Vanguard said it would pay staff who got vaccinated $1,000.