Almost HALF of Singapore’s migrant workers have contracted coronavirus

Almost half of Singapore’s migrant workers have been infected with Covid-19 in the past nine months.

New data shows that 152,000 foreign workers of the total 323,000 workers have been exposed to the novel coronavirus.

Without counting the migrant workers, fewer than 4,000 people have tested positive in Singapore.

The new figure is a combination of the normal PCR coronavirus tests and a separate drive of serology tests which trace whether a person has had it in the past.

Around 54,500 workers have tested positive in the PCR test while another 98,000 were found via the serology test.

Singapore’s foreign workers, largely from South Asia work in construction and manufacturing sectors still face restrictions on their freedom of movement.

The men, the majority of whom live in large dormitories where several men share a room amid cramped facilities, have essentially been quarantined from the rest of the population since cases exploded in April.

On Monday, Singapore authorities said that given “the outbreak in the dormitories is under control”, restrictions on migrant workers would be progressively eased.

In the first quarter of the 2021, some workers will be allowed access to the general community once a month, wearing contract-tracing devices and adhering to the safety measures.