Allahabad High Court terms marriage of Sakshi Misra and Ajitesh Kumar “Valid”

The daughter of Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA moved to the Allahabad High Court last week seeking police protection, citing threat to her life from her father after she married a man outside her caste, appeared in court on Monday morning.

The Allahabad High Court termed their marriage ‘valid’ and also directed the UP police to provide security to the couple. However, the couple’s lawyer alleged that the husband was assaulted outside the courtroom when the couple was leaving after the hearing.

Sakshi Misra, the daughter of Rajesh Misra MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly, and her husband Ajitesh Kumar,  have been on the run since announced her marriage last week. Ajitesh was allegedly assaulted by unknown people in black coats in the high court corridor, their lawyer said.

On seeing Ajitesh being beaten up, Sakshi immediately came to his rescue, after which the couple was asked to sit inside the courtroom, their lawyer said.

The couple has now been provided security by the Noida Police.

Social media accounts supporting the father online termed the marriage certificate fake. They claim that there is no provision of marriages at the temple after the priest of the temple denied solemnising the marriage.

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