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‘Alien Fleet’? Bizarre lights flash in South Carolina sky sparking UFO debate

A video claiming to show an ‘Alien, Unidentified Flying Object’ (UFO) has gone viral on the internet.

The video first shared by TikTok user Haley Cummins, it shows people in  Spartanburg, South Carolina, spotting mysterious lights in the sky.

The video was shared with caption: “We could very clearly see 20+ sources of light at a constant glow far beyond the clouds.”

The post added that the light would flash and then get back to glowing constantly.

“At times, they even appeared to move at lightning speeds, then back to being still within an instant,” it said.

While the light has given birth to many conspiracy theories,  many people called the video crazy and bizarre, agreeing that it is showing a UFO while others dismissed this as a camera glitch or an atmospheric phenomenon.