Algeria: Multiple wildfires spread in the North African country, at least seven dead

At least seven people have been killed in Algeria as forest fires spread in the North African country, the civil defence authority said on Tuesday.

Two people were seriously injured, it added.

State radio reported that some houses were completely destroyed, and al-Bilad newspaper reported that schools in Tizi Ouzou province were receiving citizens displaced by the fires.

Tizi Ouzou province is located around 150 kilometres east of the capital Algiers.

Al-Bilad reported that civilians have volunteered to help civil defence teams, who have been working on putting out fires since Monday.

At least 19 fires broke out in 14 provinces across the country.

Enormous wildfires have continued to rage across parts of Europe and the United States in recent weeks.

In Greece, firefighters battled the flames for days, with thousands of people being forced to evacuate. The blazes, which began last week, were triggered by the country’s worst heatwave in more than 30 years.

More than 250 fires were burning in Russia, with the northeastern region of Siberia most impacted by the flames.

Meanwhile, flames have ravaged northern parts of the US state of California.