Alabama man tries to quarantine on Disney World island, gets arrested

An Alabama man was arrested Thursday after he tried to quarantine on an island in Disney World, Newsweek reported.

Police said Richard McGuire, 42, was found on Discovery Island in the Orlando theme park, according to The Associated Press. McGuire said he’d been there since Monday or Tuesday.

McGuire described the island as a “tropical paradise,” the AP reported. He made plans to stay for a week before he was interrupted and arrested.

Cops said they’d been searching for McGuire by land, by sea and by air, according to Newsweek. They also said they used a Disney PA system to try to contact McGuire, but he didn’t respond.

After he was found, McGuire told the cops that he didn’t know the island was off limits. He said this despite Discovery Island being closed to the public since 1999, Disney World entirely closed since March 16 because of coronavirus and numerous no trespassing signs.

He’s been charged with trespassing and also been banned from Disney parks.