Airplane gets stuck under a low-lying footbridge in China

An airplane was strangely got caught under a bridge in Harbin, China. The incident occurred while the plane was being transported on a trailer truck after being disassembled.

Videos posted on social media showed the fuselage of the disassembled airplane stuck under a low-lying footbridge as various workers mill around, trying to figure out a way to make it move.

The video has been widely circulated on Twitter, Youtube and Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The airplane was finally allowed to pass after the driver of the trailer truck came up with an ingenious idea of deflating the truck’s tyres.

The method worked because the trailer truck’s tyres are very high, and deflating them meant more space between the plane and the bridge. After moving the plane from under the bridge, the truck’s tyres were re-inflated so it could be transported to its location.

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