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Airline crew narrates heartbreaking tale of harassment by neighbours amid coronavirus

At a time when people are being lauded for being good samaritans in times of Coronavirus for helping each other, making people smile amid all the gloom, the picture isn’t all good. From racial attack to ostracisation on mere basis of suspicion, people have been subjected to unfair treatment.

In a heart-wrenching video, an airline crew member narrates how the neighbours are being unpleasant with them. “People are spreading the rumour in my locality that I am suffering from coronavirus,” the woman says amid tears.

The woman says that she and her mother live alone and when she is not home, neighbours turn up at her home to harass her mother. “She cannot go to the market to buy groceries because people are refusing her saying that she might spread the Coronavirus to other people,” she claims.

India’s first COVID-19 patient also claimed that he was bombarded with hate messages and uniformed advices. He said that his photograph and phone number were shared across social media soon after he tested positive for the virus infection on March 1. Even after he recovered, he was told that he would have to get rid of 25 to 30 per cent of his lungs in order to fully recover.

There have been reports of racial attacks on Northeastern people living in several parts of the country as people accuse them of carrying the Coronavirus infection. In a bizarre incident on Monday, a middle-aged man spat on a northeastern student in Delhi’s Vijaynagar and zoomed past her on his scooter after shouting “Corona”.