Airbus ultra-sensitive cameras will ‘smell and sniff’ coronavirus

The aeronautic giant Airbus is adding necessary changes to upgrade its explosive-detective sensor cameras. The company is planning on to use these ultra-sensitive cameras to “smell and sniff” coronavirus.

The high-grade camera sensors were originally designed to detective explosives. However, it may prove to be of other uses in the post-pandemic world, especially when the novel coronavirus has mutated and spread into almost all parts of the globe.

These camera sensors use microprocessors, which are made of biological cells. These processors help in identifying different chemicals and microbes floating in the air but invisible to human eyes.

To develop these devices, the Netherlands-based giant has joined hands with California-based Koniku.

In a press release published a few days back, Osh Agabi, Founder and CEO of Koniku, said, “Koniku & Airbus have been working since 2017 to develop a contactless and automated biotechnology solution to detect, track, and locate chemicals or explosives on board aircraft or in airports”.

The release also mentioned that both the companies are including developments so as to detect and identify biological hazards. These will include pathogens such as the novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2.

The contactless and automated detection of explosives and chemicals can also be adapted according to the need of time. Recently, the focus is on the COVID-19 crisis.

This is not the first time when technology will be used to detect an illness. Earlier, similar technology has been used to detect cancer and influenza.