Airbnb unlists property after host reject accommodating vaccinated couple

A Victorian Airbnb host has refused to provide accommodation for a vaccinated couple, citing false claims the COVID-19 jab would pass on the virus.

Airbnb has suspended a Victorian superhost, who refused to provide accommodation to a couple because they had received their first COVID-19 jab.

Steve Carey and his partner had tried to book a holiday in regional Victoria before the state was hit by a regional lockdown, and were asked if they had been vaccinated.

“We’ve both had our first [shot],” he said.

In response, the host said she could not accept them, citing a false claim that the vaccine would cause people to pass COVID-19 to unvaccinated individuals.

“I am not accepting any vaccinated people due to reports of adverse reactions,” the host said.

“It’s also transmitting to unvaccinated people and causing them to become unwell. I’m afraid it’s way too experimental at this stage and I need to protect my other guests. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience.”

Mr Carey reported the issue to Airbnb, to which the host replied: “That’s fine Steve, but Airbnb are aware of this. At the end of the day it’s my property and I refuse the right to refuse any booking”.

Airbnb responded to Mr Carey, saying “does not violate our content policy”.

“Declining or accepting a booking request is under the host’s decision. Rest assured that their account will be dealt with accordingly if they decline multiple booking requests,” the rental company said.

Days later, Airbnb confirmed that it had “investigated the matter” and suspended the host.

“We have suspended the listing in question for violating our COVID-19 Content Policy,” Airbnb’s Derek Nolan told reporters.