Air India: women groups allege favouritism in selection of VVIP crew members

A fight between two groups of women Air India crew for serving prestigious SESF (Special Extra Section Flights) category that caters to VVIPs on board.

The SESF or VVIP aircraft engages the President, the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the country.

India Today quoted two letters written by two cabin crew members addressed to the CMD of Air India Ashwani Lohani. The letters talk about dissatisfaction among a certain group of female employees with some of the crew members chosen for SESF training.

One letter states how some crew members aren’t eligible for the crucial and prestigious job the other states the opposite. The second letter talks about how three chosen female crew were not fit for the job.

The letters discuss favouritism and bypass of rules and policies and therefore asks the CMD Air India to reconsider the names given for the SESF training.

Meanwhile, Air India has put the training on hold due to the dispute.

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