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Air India Express flight with 191 onboard overshoots runway, breaks into two pieces

An Air India Express passenger plane, flight IX 1344 flying from Dubai to the city of Calicut in Kerala, India overshot the runway and broke into two after landing amid heavy rains on Friday.

There were 174 passengers, 10 Infants, two pilots and five cabin crew members on board the aircraft.

The plane’s fuselage split into two as it fell into a valley 30 feet below off the table top runway. Fortunately the flight did not catch fire.

Media reports claimed at least 10 deaths and 50 injuries. Among the dead were both pilots.


Flight data on flightaware suggests  the aircraft circled the airport several times and made two attempts to land.

The Air India Express flight was a repatriation flight operated by the government to bring back Indians stranded abroad home amid the worldwide travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

Plane crashes have happened before during India’s monsoon season, which lasts from June to September and wreaks havoc across South Asia every year.

In May 2010, 158 people died when an Air India Express flight overshot Mangalore airport runway and crashed. A similar incident happened in July 2019 in Mangalore, prompting an inquiry.