After flattening the curve Iran opens up businesses

With a rapid increase in coronavirus cases in Iran, the officials have announced 94 new deaths due to COVID- 19. Since it’s first case in February, Iran has struggled to flatten the curve. After these 94 new deaths were announced, the death toll increased to 5,391. The number of positive cases increased by 1,194, bringing the total number of cases to 85,996.

The officials also believe that the number of new cases are decreasing. “The gradual downward trend in cases of infections has been maintained,” said Kianoush Jahanpour, health ministry spokesman.

Asking citizens to practice caution, President Hassan Rouhani, in his weekly cabinet meeting, said “If we arrogantly think that the job is done and we have won, then this would be the biggest problem that could affect us.”

While the officials have announced that the cases of people infected in Iran was on the way down, the number of affected people is thought to be much higher than revealed.

Due to the pandemic, Iranian government also released more than 1,000 foreign prisoners, after concerns were raised about the spread of the virus in various detention centres across the country.

According to the official figures, Iran has carried more than 365,700 tests.

Iran was on a lockdown from March, however the government has now allowed many businesses to open, except for the high-risk business such as gyms and restaurants. Officials urged the citizens to avoid using public transport.

However, the government has faced backlash from the experts over this decision, as so far 19 taxi drivers have lost their lives to the virus, out of a total 317 taxi drivers and 147 bus drivers and metro workers who were tested positive.