Social Media trolls PM Modi for claiming to have used email and digital camera 8 years before commercial launch

The Primer Minister’s recent television interview with News Nation won himself multiple controversies. After being trolled by social media for his comments on Clouds and Radars, social media picked Mr. Modi for his claims about using email and digital camera in 1987-88.

PM Modi in his interview said that he used a digital camera in 1987-88 to click a colour photo of BJP veteran LK Advani and also appears to suggest that he used email at the time.

The Prime Minister was fact-checked by multiple agencies who pointed out that email facilities were not available until 1995.

They also pointed out that the first digital camera, was sold by Nikon in 1991.

“Around 1987-88 I used digital camera for the first time. Very few had email at the time. There was an Advani rally. At that time the digital camera used to be this big (motions with his hands). I had a digital camera. I took a photo of Advani and transmitted it to Delhi. A colour photo was printed. Advani ji was surprised and said how did my colour photo appear today?” — Narendra Modi said.

This is what people wrote for listening to Mr. Modi’s claims —


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