Abandoned by parents baby emu bird bonds with goats

An adorable baby emu which was rejected by its parents is now being nursed by baby goats – a rather unusual friendship.

Taz was the only emu to hatch in an incubator out of the ten eggs laid by his parents, Del and Rodney.

Because the chick was hatched in an incubator, rather than being kept warm by his father, the two adult emus did not imprint on their newly-hatched chick.

But little Taz quickly formed other attachments, including with six baby goats that were born just a few days before the young chick.

Taz, who is being hand-reared at wildlife rescue charity Caenhill Countryside Centre, in Devizes, Wiltshire, has spent every day of his short life visiting and playing with these six goats.

Despite the size difference between the two species, the goats already seem very protective over their little feathered friends, allowing Taz to weave in and out of their legs.

Chris Franklin, who runs Caenhill Countryside Centre with his wife Ellie, said: ‘It’s so lovely and wholesome to see them playing together.

‘They seem to get on really well and have a special bond.

‘The goats like to play and prance about, and Taz likes to play too, and needs a lot of exercise.

‘He is already starting to learn to run, and adult emus can run up to 30 miles an hour.

‘It’s quite a heart warming friendship – and it seems to make people happy as they follow along on our social media while we remain shut during the pandemic.’