A slow walking flamingo delays a flight in Spain

A slow walking flamingo delayed a flight when it landed at Majorca in Spain on Sunday.

The Daily Mail reported that an EasyJet flight was held up briefly on Sunday because a flamingo ambled down the runway in front of the plane. The big bird arrived at the airport just when the plane landed in Majorca airport.

Airport staff who were around filmed a video of the flamingo strutting down the runway.

When translation of the video reveals that, “We have a pink flamingo and it’s no joke. An easyJet plane has had to brake.”

The plane was heard honking as it slowed down just behind the bird.

The video of the bird was shared online by air traffic control –

The video has gone viral on social media.

A wildlife control department was alerted of the bird at the airport, however the flamingo flew away on its own before a team could catch it.