9-year-old boy saves his father who fractured his neck in a diving accident

A nine-year-old boy saved his father from the water after he fractured his neck in a diving accident.

Asaih Williams said he always plays a game in his head when he’s diving with someone. If the other person doesn’t emerge from the water in a set amount of time, then the boy goes in after him.

He’s never had any formal swimming or lifeguard training. It’s just something he does. It ended up saving his dad’s life over the weekend.

The family was at Quiet water Beach on Saturday enjoying a day outdoors. Shortly after sunset, the boy convinced his dad Josh to take one last jump from a dock into the Santa Rosa Sound, which turned out to be much more shallow than expected.

His dad emerged on his stomach, unable to turn over. Despite a 100-pound weight difference between the two, Asaih channeled superhuman strength, and turned his dad over to prevent him from drowning.

He then slowly, agonizingly, tugged his dad to shore until bystanders came alongside them.

Josh Williams was transported to the hospital with a fractured neck and underwent fusion surgery Monday.

“He’s progressing pretty fast. He lifted his head and sat up in a chair,” his wife said on Tuesday.