87 days in captivity – Jayme Closs

Jayme Closs a 13 year old girl returned home after 87 days from captivity. The teenage girl went missing on the 15th of October the same night her parents were found dead.

She vanished 87 days back and was found 70 miles away from her home. Jayme was supposedly taken captive by the  suspect Jake Thomas Patterson, a 21 year old. Patterson shot Jayme’s parents and kidnapped her.

Thousands of officials were a part of the search party to find Jayme. The FBI had also announced a cash rewards on any information regarding the missing girl. This yielded no result.

Thursday evening , i.e. 10th Jan 2019 Jeanne Nutter was walking her dog when she spotted the girl alone. The girl went closer to Nutter and said, “I’m Jayme, I’m lost and I don’t’ know where I am and I need help”.

Nutter took Jayme to the closest house in the neighbourhood and dialed 911.

The sheriff later arrested the suspect and charged him for murdering Jayme’s parents and kidnapping Jayme. The Sheriff also recovered several guns at Closs’s home.

After 87 days Jayme was finally reunited with her aunt and her dog.