7 people died after drinking hand sanitizer at a party when alcohol ran out

Seven people have died after drinking hand sanitizer in Russia. While two more remain in a coma in an intensive care ward.

A group of nine people drank the antiseptic hand wash when the alcohol ran out at a party on Thursday in Tomtor village in the Tattinsky district of the country’s largest region, Yakutia.

Federal public health watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor reported: ‘Nine cases of poisoning with sanitiser have been registered, including seven that were fatal .’

The regional state prosecutor said: ‘The poisoning took place as a result of drinking sanitiser.’

Partygoers drank the sanitiser, 69 percent methanol which had been sold as a hand cleanser during the pandemic. During the purchase the drugstore warned locals not to drink the antiseptic.

A criminal case has been opened.