650 people form human chain to move children’s books from one library to another

More than 650 people came to the Norman, Oklahoma, central library branch on Sunday after the library system put out a call: Help us move books from the just-shuttered library branch to the new one across the park.

The crowd all holding hands passed the library’s collection of fairy tales and folk tales person-to-person about 1,700 feet, from the 53-year-old Norman Public Library Central branch to the new, gleaming $39 million library building.

A GoPro video camera that was affixed to the book “Chicken Little” showed hundreds of smiling faces as they pass the book down the line. Some people are confused, and many ask why there’s a camera on the cover.

The Pioneer Library System asked for volunteers to help move the children’s books as a way to gather book lovers and include the community in the moving process. Professional movers transferred the rest of the books to the new branch, which opens Sunday.

The idea behind moving fairy tales and folk tales was that even small hands could move children’s books. The book brigade included many children, some of whom showed up in Halloween costumes, and people from all walks of life.